My face for world peace

No signup, no tracking, no ads, just a tiny selfie to show your support for ending war.

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What is this all about?

A digital demonstration for peace, others call it an art project. According to chaos theory, even a butterfly can cause a tsunami far away. Be the change you want to see in this world.

You're naive. Why should this have an effect?

There's the law of cause and effect. Even if this specific project doesn't "succeed", it will definitely have affected some people - hopefully in a peaceful way.

Sharing my face is too personal. What else can I contribute?

First, no one except your circle of acquaintances will recognize your selfie; second, you should think about how you can contribute to peace in your local environment. Have you already watched the movie "Pay It Forward"?

What does AI "think" about this project?

For reasons, I don't use AI. But a friend shared the result self-initiatedly.

Okay, hands down. What do you collect?

In contrast to commercial social media platforms, I don't save any personal information at all. On this site you only upload an (untagged) picture of yourself, no name and e-mail is required. Just a tiny, 100x100 selfie to support this peaceful kind of action.

This is going to get abused. Are you serious?

Yes, I am. Every positive action can be exploited in a certain way; in this case be it machine learning, commercial algorithms or data scraping. This platform as well. There are bad guys out there. But we are more. It all matters whether you're an optimist or a pessimist. Decide for yourself.

What happens to the data?

Once this project ends or war is finally overcome, all data will be deleted permanently from our server.

I've accidently uploaded my face and want it removed. How?

Write me a short mail with exact id of the image and I remove it manually for you.

"Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come."
- Carl Sandburg, Poet
"War! What is it good for?"
- Edwin Starr, Singer
"All Faces Are Beautiful"
- Unknown author, Human
"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."
- from WarGames (1983)
"Make love, not war"